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Why Recycle?

The average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash per day, adding to the grand total of about 251 million tons of trash the U.S. accumulates per year. Recycling mines valuable materials out of ‘garbage’ in order to more sustainably create products that we use everyday — from water bottles to carpet, glass, automobles and clothing. According to the U.S. EPA, American communities recycled and composted nearly 35% of municipal solid waste in 2012, diverting 87 million tons to recovery.
Million Tons of trash is produced in the U.S. each year.
Percent of municipal waste is recycled yearly.
Million Tons of trash is recovered by recycling.

Keep Port Aransas Beautiful Recycling Projects


Keep Port Aransas Beautiful puts recycling as a top priority and works to educate people and businesses about the importance of following the four R’s… Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Each year thousands of people flock to the beaches of Port Aransas to witness and experience the art of sand sculpturing at the Port Aransas SandFest. Keep Port Aransas Beautiful teams up with the festival to promote recycling during this 3-day event, suppling volunteers, recycling containers and outreach materials. Thousands of aluminum cans and plastic bottles have been diverted from the landfill thanks to this partnership and program.

Sign up to help KPAB at Texas SandFest! We initiated aluminum recycling in 2017 and it has been very successful and is always FUN!

Help be a part of it by signing up Here

Recycling Resources

Keep America Beautiful Programs

  • Keep America Beautiful – national nonprofit organization, focusing on litter prevention, waste reduction/recycling and community greening & beautification.
  • America Recycles Day – nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs.
  • RecycleBowl – national K-12 recycling competition.
  • RecycleMania – national recycling competition for colleges and universities.

Learn More About Recycling

  • I Want to be Recycled – Learn about what recycling can do for you and what you can do for your recyclables! Find how and why to recycle common items you generate at home, work, and while out and about.
  • ReCommunity Recycling: Education – Videos, infographics, lesson plans, more.

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